About Us.

Aqua Freak Apparel

What separates Aqua Freak from other aquarium-related t-shirt stores is we are a brand, not an account created on a t-shirt printing website. We strive to express passion and creativity through the lens of the aquarium hobby. Real people, real hobbyists. We understand we can't always have the fish, or aquarium we want. Sometimes we can't afford it or don't have the room. Now you can at least express whatever part of the hobby you love, with fewer limitations with quality apparel.

Inspired by years of keeping nature in a box. 🐠 It started for us with keeping fish as a release from the real world. A way to escape and channel our energy into something beautiful. 😍 Helped us grow and start building better habits for our own life. πŸ™Œ (Weekly water changes and aquarium maintenance will teach you what a routine and good habits look and feel like if you do them right. πŸ˜„)

We fantasize about keeping monster fish, that need monster tanks we cannot afford πŸ€”. We keep betta fish, sometimes in aquariums too small. We impulse buy aquarium equipment we may or may not truly need but, really want 🀷. We put fish together that "can't" or "shouldn't" coexist πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ. We get greeted by our fish every time we approach themπŸ‘‹. We love to answer and help with anything aquarium, fish tank, or marine-related. We make mistakes, we learn we grow. We keep fish, we keep turtles maybe even shrimp. We want or have a saltwater tank. We watch youtube videos and live vicariously through others. We have more aquariums than we need. We see beauty in nature below the surface. We are passionate and resilient. Impulsive but brilliant. We are Aqua Freaks. 🐠

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