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Ancient beliefs insist the Asian Arowana can bring their owner good luck, health, and prosperity. 🐉 🐟 Many fishkeepers, especially in this US, would love the opportunity to keep one of these mystical beasts known as the Asian Arowana. These aquatic monsters are illegal in the US. We believe that if a hobbyist can provide adequate care they should be able to obtain a permit to keep Asian Arowana in the home aquarium. Legalize Arowana! 🙌

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These stickers are printed on durable, high opacity adhesive vinyl which makes them perfect for regular use, as well as for covering other stickers or paint. The high-quality vinyl ensures there are no bubbles when applying the stickers.

  • High opacity film that’s impossible to see through
  • Fast and easy bubble-free application
  • Durable vinyl, perfect for INDOOR use
  • 95µ density

Do not forget to clean the surface before applying the sticker.

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